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Study Guide to Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

A comprehensive study guide offering in-depth explanation, essay, and test prep for Theodore Dresier’s Sister Carrie, known by many to be the greatest of the American urban novels.

As a novel of the turn of the 20th Century, Sister Carrie moved away from Victorian era values and towards naturalism, realism, and instincts of human thought and behavior. Moreover, this first novel introduces readers to a common theme Dresier addresses: the individual against universal forces.

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About the Author

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Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser (; August 27, 1871 – December 28, 1945) was an American novelist and journalist of the naturalist school. His novels often featured main characters who succeeded at their objectives despite a lack of a firm moral code, and literary situations that more closely resemble studies of nature than tales of choice and agency. Dreiser's best known novels include Sister Carrie (1900) and An American Tragedy (1925).